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Mountain bike lock pedals and road bike lock pedals

2020-06-03 09:49

The purpose of installing the lock pedals on road bikes and mountain bikes is to improve the pedaling efficiency, and also prevent accidents such as crashes caused by stepping on the air in unexpected situations. From the appearance point of view, the road bike lock pedal will give people a flat and wide feeling, and the mountain lock pedal looks more compact, the actual pedaling area is also the same, the general road lock pedal area will be larger than the mountain lock pedal, this is because the highway The car pays more attention to the improvement of pedaling efficiency.
Mountain bikes have complicated road conditions during riding, and they need to be locked and unlocked frequently, and they often walk and push carts. Therefore, the mountain lock pedal adopts a double-sided lock design, which is easier to successfully lock. In order to meet the needs of walking, mountain locks The shoes are designed to be more convenient to walk, and will not be difficult to walk with "high heels" like highway lock shoes.